France: Renault extends E85 dual-fuel line-up

France: Renault extends E85 dual-fuel line-up
By Toby Procter
19 January, 2009
Source: Automotive World

Renault has extended its range of dual-fuel gasoline/E85 bioethanol-fuelled models from Clio and Megane derivatives to the Modus and New Kangoo ranges.

An E85 bioethanol blend is said by Renault to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70%, and in France, a new 40% reduction applied to CO2 emissions ratings means that E85 vehicles are not subject to 'ecosurcharges' under the country's bonus-malus vehicle tax system, while registration is free in many of the country's departments.

The Renault E85 range already includes the Clio Rip Curl 1.2-litre 16-valve 75 E85 and Megane 2 Estate 1.6-litre 16-valvue E85, which have now been joined by the Modus and Grand Modus 1.2-litre 16-valvue 75 E85, and New Kangoo 1.6-litre 16-valve 105 E85. 1.6-litre 16-valve E85 versions of New Megane Saloon and New Megane Hatch are also available to order.

As with the Clio Rip Curl, the dual-fuel price premium has been kept to €200 (US$268). In France, Renault says this sum is recoverable after eight tankfuls, since the average difference of in the tax-paid price of E85 fuel compared with 95-octane gasoline represents a saving of €25 per full tank. In the case of New Megane sedan and hatchback 1.6-litre 16-valvue E85, the price is the same as for the gasoline versions.

Renault, having already made B30 biodiesel-compatible engines available across its full LCV range, says these will soon also figure in the New Laguna, New Kangoo and Espace car/MPV ranges too. French legislation dating from the end of 2006 restricts B30 biodiesel use to professional fleet operators with their own fuel storage and distribution facilities.

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