Etamax D (Mélange diesel & éthanol)

Etamax D
Etamax D is a bioethanol fuel for converted diesel engines. Ethanol,
with an ignition improver, has become a powerful environmental
alternative and an established fuel for busses ever since the initial
successful tests with ethanol busses in the 80`s. Ethanol blends
reduce emissions and help to diminish the green house effect.
Sweden is a leading country in the development of ethanol
technology. Bioethanol can now be gradually introduced into
the distribution systems of gasoline and diesel. Currently in
Sweden, there are approximately 550 busses that operate on
ethanol. For instance, all of the busses in the inner city of
Stockholm operate on ethanol.
Fuel composition:
95 % ethanol: 92.2 weight-%
Ignition improver: 5.0 weight-%
MTBE (denaturing): 2.3 weight-%
Isobuthanol (denaturing): 0.5 weight-%
Corrosion inhibitor: 90 ppm
Colouring (red)
Facts Etamax D Diesel
Density (kg/m3) 810-830 810-820
Flame point (°C) 12 >56
Aromatic content (vol-%) not detectable <5
Cetane number 10 >50
Sulfur content (mg/l) <1 <10
Biofuel (vol-%) 90 0
Energy content (MJ/kg) 24.7 44.5
Energy content (MJ/liter) 20.5 35.6
Energy content (kW/liter) 5.7 9.9
(Source: Miljöfaktaboken för Bränslen, SPI/IVL 2001)
Exhaust emisions (mg/MJ) Etamax D Diesel
Nitrogen oxides (NOx + N2O) 440 720
Carbon monoxide (CO) 11 11
(hydrocarbons excl. methane) 22 11
Methane (CH4) 0 6.0
Carbon dioxide 0 73 000
Sulfur dioxide (SOx) 0 1.6
Particles 2.2 11
Etamax D

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diesel et éthanol j'aimerais voir ce site traduit en langue française.

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